Safe Tan

Safe Tan is not just another self tanner. It’s also a hydrating facial-grade moisturizer for the whole body. It’s formula changes the skin’s colour and moisture level several layers deep, so the skin underneath is tanned too – not just one outer surface layer.

The ingredients work on your skin in much the same way as getting a real tan would – adjusting your natural skin tone – making your tan unique, personalised, and truly realistic!

Safe Tan is truly amazing because it gives your skin a gorgeous, believable colour that you can SEE as you put it on, it wears off like a natural tan, cannot streak (because you can see it) and doesn’t have that horrible fake tan smell.

As there are few synthetic or chemical components in Safe Tan, it is very kind to those with sensitive skin. Safe Tan has a cold-pressed aloe vera base with no emulsifiers, allergens, or irritants and is hypo-allergenic.

Safe Tan is 100% preservative free so you are not polluting your body by applying parabens and harsh chemicals like isopropyl alcohol and acetone to your skin – the largest organ of your body.

The aloe rich product is carried below the skin and rehydrates the layers and causes them to ‘plump up’ which can fill out small wrinkles and creases in the skin surface and vastly improve the surface appearance of the skin. With regular facial applications, you’ll notice an improvement in the texture of the skin.

Safe Tan is the solution to ensure a perfect tan on your Wedding Day because it is easy to apply and won’t rub off on that special dress. It is also safe to use during pregnancy. In so many ways, Safe Tan is totally different from other sunless tanners.

Safe Tan is economical because a little goes a long way. It’s quick and easy to apply and gives long-lasting results which, after 10-12 hours absorption time, are not affected by swimming, perspiration, perfume, makeup or sunscreen. Just remember that Safe Tan does not protect from the damaging rays of the sun so be sure to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen.


A New Way to Tan

Safe Tan, as you’ve probably realised, is different!

It’s a brush-on coloured liquid as opposed to a a typical sunless tanning product. Safe Tan isn’t a cream or lotion. Our loyal customers will tell you it’s the best tanning product they’ve ever used.

Safe Tan goes on much like applying a light colour wash or water-based foundation that it lasts for days and moisturises your skin the entire time. Perfect for guys or gals, why not use Safe Tan and get that healthy glow in the privacy of your own home?

Say goodbye to all those tanning supplies you’ve had to use in the past – exfoliators, special moisturisers, extenders and even removers – and hello to the top choice in healthy tanning.

If you’re accustomed to rubbing in creams and crossing your fingers waiting for unpredictable results, Safe Tan will be quite a pleasant change. It dries quickly and is virtually mistake proof because during the first hour after application, it’s completely washable so you can have a look & make any desired corrections. What could be easier than that?

We’ve all heard the warnings: According to one recent UK study, sunbed users are increasing their skin cancer risk by 15% for every four times on a sunbed.

No longer is it a good look to opt for the darkest tan possible. Today’s trend is towards a natural, soft sun-kissed look and away from the deep brown skin colour produced by days in the sun and hours on a sunbed.

So for healthy tanning, all it takes is your bottle of Safe Tan and your brush!


What is Safe Tan?

Safe Tan – A Brush Stroke of Genius

Unique Brush on Color
Favorite Fake of Celebrities.
Ideal for girls and guys on the go.

Safe Tan is the revolutionary new instant ‘brush-on’ self tanner from America. The healthy way of combining stunning natural looking colour with nourishing skin care, giving incredible results after just one application.

A great tan enhances natural beauty, provides a radiant glow and hides a world of flaws. Obtaining the perfect tan however is time-intensive and traditional tanning methods can be harmful to skin and well-being. Safe Tan is the perfect tanning solution – a combination of stunning natural colour and nourishing skin care providing incredible results after just one application.

Safe tan is a professional hypo-allergenic ‘brush-on’ tanning product that creates an instant transformation from pale to perfect. The product has been scientifically formulated with aloe vera to enable penetration and hydration of the top three layers of skin ensuring a flawless finish every time. Each application results in healthy skin with an even, natural-looking tan that fades gradually over the course of 7-10 days. A single application will provide a beautiful, healthy glow while repeated applications will provide a deep, rich, exotic tan.

Safe Tan effectively improves the appearance of acne, freckles, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, and especially vitiligo. It can also be used to disguise body imperfections including scars, stretch marks and spider veins, and because the product rehydrates the skin, fine lines and wrinkles are ‘plumped up’ and the skin’s surface smoothed out.

Safe Tan has generated a growing and loyal international following due to the product’s innovative and time-tested formula. It is currently used by celebrities, bodybuilders, models and people suffering from conditions that cause skin discoloration – but mostly it is used by ordinary people looking for an extraordinary tan.

Safe Tan answers the demand for a natural looking, healthy alternative to traditional tanning methods – your skin’s loves affair starts here…

Health Benefits

Safe Tan is not only kind to sensitive skin, it also helps you to hide skin blemishes and wrinkles!

As there are few synthetic/chemical components (Safe Tan has a cold-pressed aloe vera base with no preservatives, emulsifiers, allergens, or irritants) and being hypo-allergenic, Safe Tan is kind to those with sensitive skin.

It is great for acne, rosacia, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, even lupus and diabetes. Scars, stretch marks, and spider veins can all be disguised by following up a body paint with a 2nd day ‘touch up’ to the lighter areas.

As the aloe rich product is carried below the skin, it rehydrates the layers and causes them to ‘plump up’ which fills out many of the small wrinkles and creases in the skin surface.

With regular facial applications there will be an incredible improvement in the texture of the skin, especially surrounding the eyes and above the upper lip.


How is Safe Tan different from other self tanners?
Unlike other self tanners, Safe Tan colors and conditions three layers deep so skin underneath is tan, not just the surface layer. Only the finest food-grade cosmetic colors are used rather than harsh chemicals so there is no nasty smell or drying effect often associated with self tanners. No orange surprises the next day. Safe Tan fades gradually allowing you to retain your color longer.

What’s in Safe Tan and how does it work?
Aloe vera based Safe Tan contains moisturizers and humectants. A small amount of evaporative SD-alcohol allows Safe Tan to dry quickly without drying the skin. The cosmetic colors along with plant extracts, help create your own individualized tan shade. The carrier takes the color and moisturizers into the top three layers of skin.

How long does Safe Tan last?
Safe Tan gradually fades over the course of 7-10 days.

Will Safe Tan wash off?
Safe Tan is washable for the first hour, so it’s virtually fool proof. As you paint it begins absorbing into the skin at the rate of one layer every three hours. Safe Tan hydrates and colors three layers of skin, and will take up to 10-12 hours for full absorption.

Why is it important to shower with a non-moisturizing soap?
Safe Tan must be the first thing on clean skin. Other moisturizers interfere with the skin’s absorption of the product. If you ignore this step, you will get color, but it won’t last as long and it will be harder to apply.

How often can I paint?
Paint once a day for up to three days in a row until you have the desired shade. To maintain your desired color, paint Safe Tan once a week onto your body, and apply Safe Tan twice weekly to the face.

Can I paint more than once a day?
If you do, the Safe Tan color coats itself, and absorbs improperly creating a fake appearance. Safe Tan must be left on your skin for 10-12 hours before re-application.

Does Safe Tan stain clothes?
No – Some excess may come off on clothes after application, but Safe Tan does not stain. Using too much Safe Tan may leave a residue on the skin, so use as little as possible, by blending and stretching the product. Safe Tan won’t stain nails, hair or fabric. If it does rub off on your clothes, wash normally, or if dry cleaning ‘wet clean’ the area. Do not use a spot treatment or stain remover as chemicals may set the color.

How soon can I dress after painting?
Safe Tan is dry after five minutes, so you can dress immediately after painting. After the first shower Safe Tan will not rub off on clothes even during excessive exercise.

How do I paint my knees and other problem areas?
Use the dry side of the Safe Tan brush with very little color left on it. Lightly go over the dry areas, barely getting any color on the dry skin areas, as they can grab more of the moisturizers and can appear darker. Safe Tan is fully washable during the first hour, so any mistakes can be easily rectified.

Is Safe Tan OK if I am pregnant?
Yes – Safe Tan does not cross the blood barrier and is non toxic. Safe Tan is great to use during pregnancy because it does not have any nausea inducing odor. Safe Tan also covers any facial discoloration that sometimes accompanies pregnancy and also helps keep skin smooth and supple.

Can I paint my face?
Yes – Safe Tan is a facial grade moisturizer, so the entire face can be painted up into the hairline. Apply Safe Tan to the wet side of the brush, and dab the forehead and cheeks. Blend with the dry side of the brush across the face, ears and the tip of your nose. Apply more color as needed. The color won’t grab on eyebrows, hairline, nails, or beard. You can paint Safe Tan right over the eyelids with the dry side of the brush.

What about Shaving?
It is better to shave in the morning and paint in the evening, as pulling the hair with a razor enlarges the hair follicles and can cause tiny dark spots. These will wash away in the next shower.

Can I use Safe Tan if I have sensitive skin?
There are few synthetic/chemical components – Safe Tan has a cold-pressed aloe vera base with no preservatives, emulsifiers, allergens, or irritants. Safe Tan is also hypo allergenic.

Does Safe Tan protect my skin from the sun?
Safe Tan does not change the regular tanning effects of the sun. We recommend the use of a broad-spectrum sunblock to protect the skin from burning.





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